[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Vado – I Know Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


(Verse 1)
The streets late My feet pace
Been a supplier like umpires and chords Vado – I Know Lyrics lyrics sweep base1
My peeps ate 2 Os on each plate
I string ’em in every loop hole like my sneaks lace2

If you the man hired we goin’ see ya3
Cold world like garbage can fires4 we palm ether
The don speak rocking Don C pouring Don P
Coke party5 it’s blow out here like Don King6

Uh, It’s that cord kord chord Vado – I Know Lyrics kunci gitar ’70s Guy Fisher style
Acquitted trial they got Nicky so I’m the nigga now7
Apollo bout Lincoln limousines to get around8
When I’m around that’s a hundred keys that’s in the town

(Verse 2)
Yo what do he know you want it 30 a kilo
A hundred with more than 3 tho I’m coming just me and Chino9
He like Sam from Casino could get you done up in Reno
Lift the gun up the eagle and hit up one of your peoples no lie10

I’m back traveling in a black Caravan
On lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Vado – I Know Lyrics download mp3 the corner pushing water back paddling11
I hit the store up like I’m poor to act arrogant12
They shoot each other over orders Smack battling13

Funny guy you look bummy why?
They want you dead one in ya head14 like how Sonny died
Caobo pay the bread15 or see the sunny skies16
Have your whole shit red from the .4517

(Verse 3)
Yo the streets is mean Duke so be tough
My slime locked where they see blue and bleed much18
Mess hall in the green suit with a green cup
It’s our idea they can’t squeeze shoot get 3 cuts

Or poke knifes in his chest in his throat slice
Make sure his rope tight hang him up from a pole light19
My .44 bright gold yellow and no ice
Grinding the whole night hiding dope in some old rice20

Rubber band on every bundle hand
For a couple grand I’ll turn into Thunder Dan21
Son of Blam who you come with fam?22
Half a mill go want on the wall I’m a wanted man Damn!23