[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Shy Glizzy - Cocky lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


Ooo Got damn Got Damn

Glizzy Gang we full of killers and robbers
My young niggas pull up with chop pas and mobb ya
Fuck tha police cause I know that they watching
I think I’m the man I don’t know chords Shy Glizzy - Cocky lyrics lyrics why I’m so cocky
I’m so cocky I’m so cocky
I’m so cocky I’m so cocky
I’m so cocky I’m so cocky
I think I’m the man I don’t know why I’m so cocky

[Verse 1]
Can someone please tell me how I get so cocky
Is it cause of my mother is it cause my papi
I be with some niggas that like to do robberies
Niggas get mad when they ask what I’m chargin
I pull up and murda cord kord chord Shy Glizzy - Cocky lyrics kunci gitar the scene my side piece
We up in the audi we got on italian
I buy her balmain she call it bal-mah
She don’t fuck with lames you lil niggas childish
I stunt on these niggas, I make sure it hurts
GG official, we don’t fuck with scurds
I’m leanin I’m leanin I’m sippin em up?
I’m a thug, young nigga stay fresh like doug


[Verse 2]
They hate on our crew, it won’t get you far
Just face it my nigga, this nigga’s a star
Pockets on kareem Abdul Jabar
You fronton then sorry we pulling your cards
If it ain’t about paper, then sorry don’t care
I’m justa hood nigga in Hood by Air
These vv.’s don’t mistake for claires
They see you no look they see me and stare
The shit that I be lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Shy Glizzy - Cocky lyrics download mp3 on these niggas don’t be on it
They see me on it then they try to get on it
My money is a piling I think I sit on it
I’m toting the glizzy this bitch got the dick on it


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